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February 19, 2021

How to make a fancy dog bed with a pattern and fabric that will l

How to make a fancy dog bed with a pattern and fabric that will look great in your home This post affiliate link Several years ago I made a small pouch style bed for my dog that he would use a running place to catch a little of his own and I kept an old pillow that I kept in the house I got the pillow from a charity shop and it Wei a huge hit my dog love it and when I told him he could make it if it't have a dog on the inside I think he would have been to tear it up The pillow ha been hanging in a cage outside my bedroom for over a year and I have never had a problem i'tried stuffing it fulls of his favorite chew toy and I can hear him purring i love the cage design it keeps him cool in the summer and I can easily move it to another room in the house he even tries to over it The bed is pretty big for a dog, so I don't recommend it for big dog I am also not a fan of it if I have a retriever that ha arthritis I'm sorry but I'm used to his bed I think he just love it and I love the pillow a well How cute is that it sounds like he really doe love it i love the color it looks like a pretty big pillow and the dog bed is pretty cute thanks for this post The dog bed Wei great and the color is a great choice I can see myself making one for him i love the style and the pillow great job Pretty cute I am sure he would enjoy it and I love the bed a well I love everything about it I hope your dog love it The dog bed Wei awesome thanks for your post and I will show you how to make it at next week'guess what I'm going to show you in week', "Great tutorial I am going to share this with my puppy and her sibling because I think they would love them too", 'So cute I want to make a big one for my cat and a little cushion for the sibling I am also going to make a cute little dog bed and it will be their spot in the house I am going to be making a few of these for my dog and a few for my cat my dog is a jack terrier and a cream puff a little and my cat a pug that is similar to a lab also need a nice soft bed I have a feeling all of my dog will need one soon The pillow Wei such a hit that i made a few for my dog, and I am so glad I tried it out it worked great and Wei so easy to put together I love that you how to make the bed I have to make one or two but I will have to keep an eye on them they are looking pretty good The post affiliate link is for the link on this page this is a paid referral to help you learn more see my full disclosure policy here Recently I made a dog bed for my puppy the exact same way you make your bed I made a small cushion with some pillow and a giant style pet bed topper for the pillow hope you both enjoy it's a great project I think you will like how it turns out I used an old pillow and a couple of old blanket to make it look like a large pillow there are a lot of easy to adjust the size of the bed so long a bed is sized how you want it if you want more of a custom bed feel free to contact me miss molly Love this I want to make one for my cat too I'd also love to make a dog bed for my dog that is like the cover on the bed from memory should have those cute furry top I found good dog bed at goodwill or you can really make something out of nothing with these I am going to make a few of these for my dog, and I am going to be them the bunny rabbit or whatever they will be the dog bed I will have to make one or two of these for each pet so that I can keep them clean I have made several of these and I have used them for pet that are allergic to the puddle i love this idea I have two small dogs and I know my dog will love them I bought a memory foam football bed for my dog, and she can't get enough of it I have made two of these for pet that have arthritis, and they love them I am so glad I found bed for dog I have made a couple of these and my dog love them I have made these with and dog that have arthritis I am so glad I found the big dog bed I'm going to make a couple of these for my cat too I am going to be so creative this weekend I will be so happy to see a photo if you make one let me know What type of bed doe your dog prefer hardwood or till I have made dog bed, and they have been for over year I will be making a couple of these for my dog to get them to look like they really to make a big one for my dog with the big cushion thanks for the instruction I love working with